Outdoor Optical Receiver

Model Number  : FTTH-OR303

Fiber Port            : SC/APC or FC/APC

Frequency           : 40~750&862&1006MHz

AGC control         : -7dBm~+2dBm





OR303 optical receiver is a two outputs receiver for field rain prevention, which is suitable for optical fiber user access of FTTB (fiber to building) network to realize analog or digital signal
access. Can be used in conjunction with ONU or EOC to achieve the integration of the three networks. It has AGC function, pays attention to reliability and convenience, optical input + 2
~-7dBm, the output signal basically does not change, which brings convenience for users to debug.


  • Adopt waterproof aluminum shell and the waterproof level could reach to IP65 grade
  • Double shield panel that can ensure the excellent EMC index
  • Advanced GaAs low noise amplified circuit increases the receiving sensitivity
  • AGC control range +2~-8dBm, output level unchanged
  • Precision detection circuit can real-time display the output power. accurately through LED lamp or digital tube
  • The branch and distribution can be exchanged. AC – 60v has independent power supply port
  • Adopts the T + E anti surge lightning resistance road, effectively prevent damage of the power supply




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