1310nm Optical Transmitter

Model Number  : LT-1300

Fiber Port            : FC/APC&SC/APC(customize)

Frequency           : 47~860MHz(customize 1000MHz)

Power                   : 2~30mW





LT1300 optical transmitter is designed according to CATV standard. It modulates CATV RF amplitude signal into 1310nm/1550nm optical signal, and then transmits it to optical node in HFC network through single-mode optical fiber. It is mainly used for TV signal medium-sized network transmission and can be used for many purposes. The high-power optical amplifiers are used for the laying of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

The LT1300 optical transmitter is equipped with a reliable and stable optical output power circuit and a pump laser thermoelectric cooler temperature control circuit to ensure the best performance of the equipment. Professional cooling structure design, intelligent temperature control fan, low power consumption. It is an ideal choice for building CATV secondary network signal transmission


  • The use of high-performance DFB lasers of international famous brands has narrow spectral lines, good linearity, and high output power.
  • The advanced multi-frequency RF predistortion technology uses RF power automatic processing technology to automatically optimize the drive level so that the C/CTB, C/CSO, and C/N specifications are always at optimal values.
  • The 32-bit ARM processor can efficiently coordinate the working status of each module and accurately monitor and control each operating parameter.
  • Laser temperature stabilization circuit (ATC) and optical power output stabilization circuit (APC) ensure optimal laser performance.
  • 47-862MHz (1000Mhz can be customized) operating bandwidth.
  • The dual-module structure is reserved to increase the functions of light emitting, EDFA, light collection, RF switch, and other functions.
  • Modular structure, easy to expand the function of equipment and maintenance.
  • Standard network management interface, in line with SNMP network management protocol.
  • The power supply can realize dual power hot backup, snap-type fixed, one-touch pull. Easy to operate, firmly fixed. Voltage 220V & 110V & 48V optional.




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