1550nm EDFA High Power Optical Amplifier

Model Number  : 56EYAxx

Fiber Port            : SC LC Optical

Input Power        : -5dBm~+10dBm(normal input -2dBm~+5dBm)

Output Power     : 26dBm~37dBm





The 56EYAxx series high-power optical amplifier is a high-power multi-port output fiber amplifier with a gain spectrum bandwidth of 1535~1565nm. It is mainly designed for
applications of CATV or 1~8 continuous strip channels (ITU wavelengths). It provides a flexible, low-cost solution for large- scale FTTH coverage of CATV systems in large and
medium-sized cities.

56EYAxx can achieve single-wavelength cable TV transmission, CWDM single-fiber three-wave, flat gain, DWDM; its reliable and excellent performance ratio between the main
application of FTTH, FTTB, DBS, MMDS, FTTX pon, is to build CATV large Medium-sized optical fiber transmission network is an important equipment.


  • Erbium co-doped double-clad fiber technology.
  • Built-in low-noise preamplifier eliminates the need for EDFA cascading, greatly reducing system CNR and MER degradation.
  • Output total power range: up to 23dBm ~37dBm (5W) optional.
  • Output power adjustable range +0.5~-4dBm.
  • Perfect network management interface, in line with SNMP network management protocol.
  • Output port optional: SC connector 4 ~ 16 optional; LC connector 8 ~ 32 optional, optional WDM.
  • The back panel can be flexibly removed and replaced according to the number of output ports.



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