4K HDMI KVM to Fiber Converter

Model Number  : CF-HM6001

Cable Type          : Single Mode or Multi Mode

Fiber Port            : LC Port

Distance               : 20km




The CF-HM6001 HDMI fiber extender is a device transmitting HD audio and video signal via bidirectional single fiber cable. It transmits your HD display with the high resolutions up to 20km. It
support IR, RS232 and KVM function.By using bidirectional single fiber LC interface, it has the characteristics of low cost and stable signal transmission. It can be used in
security monitoring, high-definition signals between buildings, square large screens and other long-distance HDMI signal transmission fields.


  • Support HDMI 4K@60Hz/HDCP2.2
  • Support transmitter HDMI Loop out
  • Support 3.5mm stereo output
  • Support IR
  • Support KVM
  • Support RS232
  • Comply with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 standard protocol
  • Pure hardware design, plug and play, do not need to install additional software
  • Support 4K to 1080P resolution (Downscaling)



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