4CH FXS/FXO Telephone to Fiber Converter

Model Number  : CT-8104P1E

Cable Type          : Single Mode or Multi Mode

Fiber Port            : SC Port, FC ST Optical

Distance               : 20km




CRED Telephone Converter adopts international advanced digital fiber optic technology,multiplex telephone signal can be realized synchronous,distortion-free and high quality transmission in one single fiber. It is uncompression, can meet customer’s requirement perfectly and easy installation, no need site debugging. Optical modules and core circuits are with high performance, all fiber and UTP ports meet International Standards, suitable for various working environment, LED indicator can show the working conditions for customer controlling.


  • Provides 4 channel telephone interface standard RJ11 with 1channel 10/100m ethernet
  • Optical interface supports single fiber or dual fiber
  •  Uncompressed, good voice quality
  • Support for caller ID and voice interface provides reverse polarity signal
  • Small size, attractive appearance, easy installation
  • Perfect status display function, easy maintenance and management
  • Support PBX end (or operator outside) end to end transmission mode phone



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