25G SFP28 LR

Model Number: CE-SFP-25G-LR

Cable Type        : Single Mode

Fiber Port          : LC Duplex

Wavelength      : 1310nm

Distance            : 10km




CRED’s SFP28-25GB-LR 25G SFP28 transceivers are designed for 24.33Gbps and 25.78Gbps data rate over SMF and support up to 10km link length. They are compliant to IEEE802.3ba, SFF-8402, SFF-8432. Digital diagnostic monitoring interface compliant to SFF-8472 is available via an I2C interface

CRED SFP28 transceiver could compliant with most of word brand products, like Cisco, Finisar, HP, Ericsson, Nortel Arista, Juniper, Extreme, Allied Telesis, Foundry, Force10, Alcatel-Lucent…and more.


  • Compatible with CPRI option10 24.33Gbps and 25GBASE 25.78Gbps
  • Up to 10km transmission on SMF
  • 1310nm DML laser transmitter
  • SFP28 MSA compliant
  • Built-in digital diagnostic functions
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • Operating case temperature: -40 to +85 °C or 0 to +70 °C
  • RoHS 6 Compliant


  • 25GBASE-LR
  • 33Gbps CPRI



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