10/100M Media Converter WDM BIDI

Model Number: CE-SM901A/B

Cable Type        : Single Mode

Fiber Port          : Single Fiber SC

Wavelength      : 1310nm 1550nm

Distance            : 20km




The CE-SM901 Series single fiber media converter converts 10BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX Ethernet data to 100BASE-FX Ethernet data and vice versa. Designed for point-to-point applications, this model media converter provides one 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX port and one 100BASE-FX fiber port. Using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM),CE-SM901 series media converter performs the media conversion between 10/100M copper lines and more than 20KM fiber optic links. It extends the network transmission range from 100m(the limit of copper Cable) to more than 20KM(20-120km) on fiber.

The standalone model can be installed in 14 slots 2U rack mount chassis.


  • SC/FC/ST Connector Optional
  • 10/100M Base-TX to 100 FX media converter
  • Stand-Alone and Rack-Mountable Modular Design
  • Full Duplex and Half Duplex working mode
  • Single mode and multimode for fiber optic options
  • Transmission distance up to 120Km(Single-mode)
  • Accordance with IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u
  • 1Mb buffer
  • Automatic MDI / MDIX work method without the need for cable choice
  • Support Full/half duplex self-adaptive transmission mode and auto-negotiations
  • Support 10/100Mbps Store and Forward mode or Cut-Through mode operation
  • Supports per port basic LEDs for monitoring
  • Link Fault Pass-through troubleshooting function(optional)
  • Internal lightning proof circuit, can reduce the damage from lightning
  • LED Indicators for Monitoring of Fiber Redundancy Mode Status, Optic Signal/Laser Status, 100BASE-FX Port Status Including Far End Fault Indication (FEFI), 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Port Status, and Operating Power.
  • Available with modular and standalone version
  • Internal lightning proof circuit, can reduce the damage from lightning





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