1.25G MM 1310nm 2km

Model Number: CE-SFP-1G-SX-MM

Cable Type        : Multi Mode

Fiber Port          : LC Duplex

Wavelength      : 1310nm

Distance            : 2km




CRED’S 1.25G Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). They simultaneously comply with Gigabit Ethernet as specified in IEEE Std 802.3 and 1x Fibre Channel as defined in FC-PI-2 Rev. 10.0.

CRED transceiver could compliant with most of word brand products, like Cisco, Finisar, HP, Ericsson, Nortel Arista, Juniper, Extreme, Allied Telesis, Foundry, Force10, Alcatel-Lucent…and more.


  • SFP package with LC connector
  • 1310nm FP laser and PIN photo detector
  • Up to 2km transmission on 50/125μm MMF
  • +3.3V single power supply
  • LVPECL compatible data input/output interface
  • Low EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant
  • Compatible with RoHS
  • Digital Diagnostic SFF-8472 compliant
  • Signal Ground Isolated to Case



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